Wealth Management

Financial decisions can be complicated. At Eagle Strategies, LLC we can make it easier by helping you manage your wealth through investment advisory and financial planning services. Utilizing our innovative Lifetime Wealth PortfoliosSM wealth management platform, Mary Anne can help you along your financial journey.

Integrated Investments

We look at the big picture, with a broad view of your total wealth that includes your future earnings, protection goals, and retirement income needs, in addition to your investments. By understanding that your wealth is more than assets on a balance sheet, Mary Anne can design a cohesive solution for your current and future financial situation and help you utilize the right financial tools at the right time. Using the right tool for the right job is key.

Portfolio Management

There are many ways to approach portfolio management, and no one solution is right for every investor. That's why we offer Lifetime Wealth PortfoliosSM, an innovative investment advisory platform that offers several investment strategies and accounts tailored to your individual needs and a choice of investment managers:

A crystal ball on a stand
Financial Planning

If you have a complex estate or own your own business, portfolio management is only one part of your financial picture. Your needs may include legacy arrangements, charitable requests, tax considerations, employee benefits, insurance needs, and business succession.

How's your crystal ball working for you?   The truth is -- we DON’T know what will happen.  Do you need help finding the right financial tools to cover as many contingencies as possible without losing control, without losing principal, and without losing sleep?  There is no perfect place to put your money and there are tradeoffs depending on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals. The solutions we recommend and the strategies you decide to implement will depend on your personal circumstances and objectives.

At Eagle Strategies, we offer an objective, fee-based approach to financial planning. Working closely with you and your other advisers, Mary Anne can develop a comprehensive plan or focus on a particular area of concern: wealth accumulation and preservation, estate planning, business succession strategies, retirement planning, education funding, portfolio management, and charitable gifting.  

By listening to what is important to her clients, Mary Anne translates their desires and goals into a financial plan that helps to protect what's important to them and strives to increase their wealth. This type of planning may result in clients having more spendable income not only during their working years but also throughout their retirement phase.

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