Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

At Eagle Strategies, we offer an objective, fee-based approach to financial planning. Working closely with you and your other advisers, Mary Anne develops a comprehensive plan focusing on a particular area of concern: wealth accumulation and preservation, estate planning, business succession strategies, retirement planning, education funding, portfolio management, and charitable gifting. The solutions Mary Anne recommends and the strategies implemented will depend on YOUR personal circumstances.

Investment Advisory Services

In today’s challenging investment environment, there are no simple solutions. Success is achieved through a well-conceived investment strategy.

However, with over 22,000 entities calling themselves money managers and over 10,000 mutual funds available, creating an effective strategy can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Through Eagle Strategies' relationships with independent, top-tier investment firms, Mary Anne has the resources to help simplify the fee-based investing process.

This discretionary managed account offers a choice of professional investment managers known as sub-advisers. Our sub-advisers are among the most respected in the industry and include Brinker Capital, Ibbotson Associates, Loring Ward, and Morningstar Investment Services -- to name a few. Each sub-adviser follows a specific investment philosophy, selecting from actively and passively managed funds and managing according to strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies.

Through Eagle Strategies' various investment programs — ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual fund accounts — Mary Anne will guide you in investment portfolio personalization to help you meet YOUR financial goals.

Recognizing the importance of well-informed investors, Mary Anne makes every effort to educate all clients about the complexities of investing, while encouraging reasonable expectations of investment results.

Dedicated to the success of her clients through quality planning and thoughtful advice, Mary Anne assists clients in mapping action plans designed so they may reach their financial goals.

Do you need help with execution of your financial plan?  Please contact Mary Anne for a strategy session.